Disaster recovery: Strategies to enable business continuity

Keep employees and customers connected to critical data and applications.

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Why NetApp for business continuity and disaster recovery?

Navigate with resiliency

NetApp is here, ready to help you enable business continuity and progress during these disruptive times. We can help you support remote-access workers, help ensure the availability of data and applications, and help you prepare for—and avoid—the next wave of potential disruptions.

Create an elastic workforce

NetApp virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and end-user computing (EUC) solutions empower your workforce to work from anywhere with agility and performance in the cloud or on premises.

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Get the right tools and support: Steer disruption with resiliency

NetApp can help you proactively protect and optimize your hybrid cloud infrastructure with a range of tools that can give you visibility into your complete infrastructure—both on the public cloud and on-premises.

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Make sure that your data and applications are available and performing optimally

NetApp can help you rationalize your data and application infrastructure, move data between on-premises storage and cloud, and help ensure data availability across clouds.

  • NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP delivers data protection, replication, and continuous availability on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud in hybrid environments.
  • NetApp Cloud Volumes Edge Cache helps you modernize distributed storage on your journey into a secure, scalable public cloud infrastructure while maintaining optimal end-user performance.
  • NetApp Cloud Sync enables secure, fast, automated replication and synchronization between on-premises and cloud object stores.
  • For enterprise applications, NetApp AFF systems deliver the industry’s highest performance, superior reliability, and best-in-class data services and cloud integration.
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Protect enterprise applications

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Take a test drive

Experience enterprise application protection in the data fabric with ONTAP. Take an up-close look by test driving a hands-on lab.

Customer stories

See how our customers succeed with business continuity.

Global engineering firm builds faster, bigger, better

By consolidating their data into the cloud and accessing it from any location with Cloud Volumes Edge Cache, engineers are able to work around the clock and recover quickly from any disruptions.

global engineering firm

Klinikum Freising safeguards data-driven hospital operations

NetApp ONTAP solutions improve business continuity, protect all data, and accelerate digital hospital processes.

klinikum freising

Depending on the cloud for daily news

Competition and cost pressures are immense in the daily newspaper business. An economically successful future depends on high-quality content, loyal customers, and ongoing digital transformation. To meet strategic and operational requirements, Mediengruppe Pressedruck employs a cloud-based IT infrastructure.

mediengruppe pressedruck

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NetApp Keystone

NetApp Keystone provides flexible cloud consumption models whether you build or buy, on-premises or in the public cloud.

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