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HGC success story

: Improving operational efficiency with modern unified storage

HGC digitally transforms with NetApp AFF to cost-efficiently meet its global expansion needs and maintain high performance.


    • 5X reduction

    • in storage capacity

    • 20 mission-critical apps

    • supported by NetApp storage

    • 2 minutes

    • recover time objective

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Hong Kong

Modern unified storage

To meet its long-term business development goals, HGC needed modern unified storage that could simplify management and help the company meet future business requirements. So, HGC turned to NetApp.

HGC chose NetApp® AFF systems to deliver modern unified storage that supports different protocols, such as SAN for block storage and NAS for file storage. AFF all-flash systems also support HGC’s different workloads and strategies. NetApp AFF maintains high performance for HGC’s most demanding workloads, and NetApp FlexClone® technology delivers high efficiency for business-critical data storage.

With a single click, HGC can easily provision and rebalance workloads by monitoring clusters and nodes, as well as upgrade the OS and firmware. The storage configuration is also optimized and protected by predictive analytics, fueled by NetApp’s massive user base, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML).

Protected and faster business-critical data

NetApp Snapshot™ technology securely creates near-instantaneous, space-efficient copies of data on secondary storage without disruption and with minimal performance overhead. HGC can instantly access copies of business-critical data to recover from accidental deletion, corruption, or other adverse modifications of its data. On top of that, HGC uses these copies to speed up multiple business functions, such as business intelligence, development, and testing without any effect on the production system.

Now we have a best-in-class solution to meet our continuous demands for capacity, performance, and data protection. With NetApp in place, our teams can spend more time and resources on business development and innovations.

Eli Ngai, Chief Information Officer, HGC

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