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UZ Leuven

: Marking a healthy, 20-year relationship built on trust with NetApp

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    • 18 PB

    • data managed by one employee

    • 15 TB

    • database for 7 million records

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UZ Leuven



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UZ Leuven’s evolution with NetApp

UZ Leuven is based in the city of Leuven and comprises four campuses in the Flemish part of Belgium. In addition to providing clinical care, UZ Leuven is engaged in advanced research activities, including genomics research, to develop new cures and treatments

Over the last 20 years UZ Leuven’s strategy has centered on NetApp, powering two on-campus and a third offsite data center the with an 8-node NetApp MetroCluster, a NAS cluster, and a SAN cluster.

NetApp still has an open vision and open culture and an engineering approach. That’s what we really, really like—that this is a partnership and that we know what direction to go in the future.

Reinoud Reynders, Director of Infrastructure and Operations, UZ Leuven


For the health of Belgium

A healthy relationship with NetApp gives Belgium hospital group UZ Leuven reliable, secure access to data to serve millions of patients.

The responsibility for 7 million patient records and all the applications and data of a major hospital falls to a centralized data center built almost exclusively on NetApp technologies.

Reinoud Reynders

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