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Making Complex Cloud Services Simpler by Bringing Hybrid IT Full Circle

In the highly competitive cloud services industry, TierPoint is growing quickly. With a focus on hybrid IT, TierPoint is well-positioned to address the needs of enterprise organizations as hybrid and multi-cloud deployments become the new normal. To simplify management and provide its more than 5,000 customers with a broad range of cloud services that deliver reliable performance and availability, TierPoint chose FlexPod with FAS and AFF.

Our strategy is hybrid IT, and NetApp is the authority when it comes to data in a hybrid cloud environment. They're helping us stay ahead of rapid changes in the marketplace and lead the industry in hybrid IT.

David Hines Vice President of Architecture and Engineering, TierPoint

TierPoint boasts one of the largest customer bases in the industry with over 5,000 clients in every vertical, from small businesses to mid-market enterprises and Fortune 500 com- panies. These clients include the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Jacksonville Jaguars, and Gonzaga University. Regardless of their size or industry, TierPoint's clients have the highest expectations for reliability, performance, and security.

With FlexPod with FAS and AFF, TierPoint can help customers take advantage of hybrid cloud environments without sacrificing the safety of their data. Secure multitenancy features enable TierPoint to provide the security of a dedicated environment with the cost-efficiency of a shared storage environment. Integrated data protection features enable high availability, enterprise-strength security, and robust, disk-based backup, archive, compliance, and disaster recovery.



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