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: Changing lives with cloud-enabled prosthetic hands

COVVI entrusts NetApp to manage the data behind the world-leading bionic hand

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COVVI by the numbers

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Covvi partners in prosthetics

COVVI changes lives with NetApp

With the world-leading multi-articulated bionic hand, COVVI provides people missing upper limbs with the ability to perform the everyday tasks so many of us take for granted, like prepping a meal or holding hands with a loved one. The COVVI Hand marries speed, dexterity, and strength to naturally mimic the hand's complex gestures, grips, and manipulations as closely as possible — and it's all managed remotely via an app.

With the help of NetApp technology, COVVI Hand users can download updates, troubleshoot faults, and add new capabilities and gestures without needing to visit a clinic. The app gives users the independence to make real-time adjustments to match their daily activities and lifestyles, and even allows COVVI engineers to deliver specific gesture or grip requests. NetApp ensures the data powering the COVVI app is always available, accessible, and protected.

Making advanced prosthetics more accessible with data

COVVI has partnered with the UK’s National Health Service to make the COVVI Hand more accessible to people missing upper limbs. Between NHS funding and an ever-growing number of COVVI Hand users, the data collected and stored with NetApp can open new doors for the future of robotic prosthetics around the world.

Tracking COVVI Hand usage analytics gives clinicians, engineers, and investors new insights into key metrics, such as the most common grip patterns or how long the prosthetic is worn. Clinicians can access patient data to provide improved care and support, engineers can continue to refine and improve the software, and investors see the life-changing potential of their funding. NetApp solutions help bring COVVI one step closer to achieving their goal of changing as many lives around the world as possible.

NetApp and COVVI’s collaboration continues to ignite a data revolution for prosthetic users. It enables us to not only provide state-of-the-art prosthetic hands around the world, but to update them virtually.

Simon Pollard, CEO, COVVI

Creating new ideas of what's possible

Jessica Smith, a former Paralympian and COVVI Hand advocate, was born without a left hand. She shares her story of overcoming challenges and how COVVI helped her do things she'd never been able to do before.

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