NetApp: A history of innovation

NetApp got its start in 1992, back when using the internet meant dialing up and hearing beeps, crackles, and eeps. By tech company standards, we've seen it all. We've not only survived—we’ve anticipated each new wave of change to deliver cutting-edge technology that drives businesses forward.

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Our history

Throughout our history, we’ve managed to shift and grow with different waves of change. In fact, we ran toward those waves and popped up riding them like Kelly Slater. Our strategy has always been shaped around helping you embrace the full potential of new technologies—from the rise of the internet, to helping large enterprise customers in vertical markets, to bringing new systems to market. And today, we’re focused on unlocking the best of hybrid cloud by partnering with the world’s biggest cloud providers.

NetApp's San Jose Santana Row Office Space

NetApp's San Jose Santana Row office space

Here are a few key milestones in our industry and the innovations that helped us lead the way.

1992: Birth of an industry and storage efficiency

NetApp opens for business, launches its Snapshot™ technology, and emerges as an innovator of NAS systems.

2000: Data protection becomes increasingly affordable

NetApp releases SnapMirror® replication technology.

2002: Unified storage operations become the norm

NetApp creates the first unified SAN and NAS appliances.

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2004: Ability to compound storage efficiencies introduced

NetApp releases thin provisioning and NetApp® FlexClone® technology.

2007: Customers want to maximize the benefits of virtualized environments

NetApp creates the first unified deduplication for primary and secondary storage.

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2012: Demand for more agile data infrastructures

NetApp is the first to extend data center agility by enabling scale-out across unified SAN and NAS systems.

2015: Customers want to better understand their data

NetApp enables the data fabric, helping companies develop a comprehensive data strategy understand their data strategy holistically.

2016: Integrating existing and emerging technologies

NetApp ONTAP® software centralizes data management across flash, disk, and cloud.

2018: Speed is the new scale

NetApp introduces its first end-to-end NVMe array, delivering over 1.3 million IOPS at 500 microseconds per high-availability pair.

2020: Application-driven infrastructure keeps cloud costs in check

Spot by NetApp delivers a leading solution for the continuous optimization of cost for both cloud-native and legacy workloads.

Today: Being cloud-first, a new chapter of growth

NetApp is the only provider that can unlock the best of hybrid cloud for its customers.


Of course, the future will be filled with many more waves of change. You can bet we’ll be the ones diving in, adapting and developing our knowledge, and enabling others to enjoy the ride.