NetApp social impact programs

Committed to doing good today for a better tomorrow

NetApp envisions a more sustainable and equitable world for all. Our social impact programs enable the company and its employees to be actively involved in creating a world where all people and communities thrive. 

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Taking action in education, food insecurity, shelter, and disaster relief    

NetApp's social impact efforts focus on the local communities of the 23 countries in which we operate. We invest resources and mobilize volunteers to address critical needs.

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Social impact programs at NetApp

Starting in cities and towns in which we operate, NetApp has helped accelerate a number of programs that bolster our community’s collective wellbeing. 

NetApp's commitment to youth and education: Data Explorers

Our signature program, NetApp Data Explorers has the mission to empower teens to discover and develop critical data science skills and confidence so they can thrive and take action in a data-driven world.  

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We believe becoming data fluent is not only important for young people’s future in diverse careers, it is foundational for our collective ability to tackle pressing (local and global) social and environmental challenges.

Michelle Mann, Senior Manager, Social Impact

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NetApp's commitment to employee empowerment: NetApp Serves   

Our employees apply their skills and expertise via NetApp Serves to causes they care about including their passion for providing youth with relevant STEM learning experiences.

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NetApp's commitment to community investment worldwide

We invest in local communities where NetApp employees live and work through corporate grants. Employees support local needs with volunteer time and donations in mainly these focus areas: education, food insecurity, and homelessness.

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