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Are you ready for the cloud?

It’s no longer a matter of if–but when–you will move your VMware workloads to the cloud. But along the way, you’ll face a number of challenges:

  • Reducing the cost of running VMware workloads in the cloud
  • Enhancing IT efficiency
  • Avoiding replatforming and rearchitecting your applications

Check out the NetApp® e-book to learn how you can plan for a smooth move to the cloud when the time is right.

Are you ready for the cloud?
Cost efficiency

Get 5 to 30 times lower storage costs on premises. Reduce the costs of running VMware Cloud services by up to 50%.


Choose any storage type, any protocol, any server, and any operating system, with converged deployment options.

High performance

Get 2 to 3 times more VM performance at 75% lower latency, using 50% less compute.

Pack your bags–how and when you want to

With preparations in place, you’ll be set to move your data-intensive VMware workloads to a hybrid or multicloud environment, whenever you’re ready. And when you do migrate to the cloud, you can do it your way. Choose your preferred cloud. Skip refactoring applications. Save on TCO every step of the way.

Let us walk you through the three ways you can get ready for the cloud.

man walking with a bag

Sleek, modern, cloud ready

NetApp and VMware have spent the past 20 years defining the virtualized data center. Together, we deliver trusted storage and virtualized infrastructure solutions in a unified digital environment that unlocks the performance, efficiency, and cost savings your virtualized applications demand.

Our design partnership with VMware helps you clear the hurdles of hybrid multicloud–so you can modernize your IT and get ready for whatever cloud migration might come next.

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