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SnapLock compliance software: Retention and rapid retrieval

Records-retention regulations and requests. Is it getting hot in here? SnapLock reinforces the permanence and integrity of your data, so it’s unalterable, rapidly accessible, and wonderfully regulator-friendly.

Why NetApp SnapLock for your compliance needs?

Integrated data protection for your archives

Part of our proven NetApp ONTAP® storage software, NetApp® SnapLock software delivers high-performance disk-based data permanence for HDD and SSD deployments.

Snaplock helps provide data integrity and retention, enabling electronic records to be both unalterable and rapidly accessible. Both of SnapLock’s retention features are certified to meet strict records retention requirements, as well as addressing an expanded set of retention requirements, including Legal Hold, Event-Based Retention, and Volume Append Mode.


Meeting regulatory requirements and addressing corporate mandates is just the beginning of what Snaplock can do for your compliance needs.

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Meet regulatory requirements

Gain secure retention for governmental or industry purposes. Avoid monetary penalties.

Address corporate mandates

Gain secure retention for business purposes. Avoid disruption, false consumer claims, etc.

Malicious act protection

Gain secure retention to prevent malicious destruction or deletion by a rogue administrator.

Secure streaming data

Gain secure retention of audio and video surveillance recordings, emergency phone records, or WORM log files.

Key features

From fast WORM storage to strict records-retention requirements, SnapLock is designed to help make your archive operations more flexible, more reliable, and more efficient.

Reinforce the permanence and integrity of your data

Create nonrewritable, nonerasable data on hard disk drives or flash media to prevent files from being altered or deleted until a predetermined or default retention date. Support litigation hold and event-based retention, and incrementally append files while remaining locked (e.g. audio or video surveillance and logging).

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Ensure you remain compliant with applicable regulations

SnapLock is certified to meet stringent industry compliance requirements, such as the SEC 17a-4(f) rule, FINRA, and CFTC—as well as national requirements for the German-speaking countries (DACH).

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Retain data your way with a choice of retention models

SnapLock Compliance is certified to meet strict records-retention requirements, with only an act of willful destruction, such as physically removing disks from a NetApp system, resulting in record deletion before the specified expiration date. Snaplock Enterprise supports corporate best practices and requirements not covered by regulatory mandates. And it allows a trusted administrator to delete SnapLock Enterprise volumes or files.

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Adhere to organizational best practices with integrated backup

SnapLock integrates with NetApp® SnapMirror® technology so you can securely replicate WORM data for compliance and best practices while continuing to enforce retention periods.

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