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Media Company in Europe

Balance the nonstop creation of media content, storage costs, and demand along the content value chain
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Media Company in Europe

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Innovating with Cloud-based Services by Using NetApp StorageGRID and NetApp FabricPool

The client has been both a NetApp partner and user for 15 years. NetApp ONTAP technology serves and protects 24/7 enterprise applications such as VMware, SAP HANA, and SAP on Oracle Database. NetApp StorageGRID helped our client to start backup as a service and move media content to convenient S3 storage and into the cloud. Adding NetApp FabricPool automates content tiering and increases cost effectiveness.

For me, NetApp benefits are data management, ease of use, and support. Active IQ is brilliant. I have never seen a vendor with such proactive support.

Director for Data Center and Managed ServicesMedia Company in Europe

Although the company is committed to host as much as possible on their premises, they also need cloud burst to cover short-term events and service peaks.

“For us, the cloud is a model to handle elasticity at a constant price. We want to sell our services and become the cloud for our clients. With cloud burst we can serve our clients any time, and quickly. Our cloud of choice is always the cheapest. For our customers, it’s the price that counts.“

Director for Data Center and Managed Services | Media Company in Europe


• Build a service catalog to sell and provision tiered storage

• Cloud-burst to help clients always come first and serve best

• Offer new services to internal and external customers, streamline storage usage, and handle demand dynamics efficiently

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