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Refresh of a NetApp ONTAP environment
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Delivers SAP solutions backed by a robust, scalable NetApp storage infrastructure

IGZ – the SAP Engineers cover SAP projects in logistics and manufacturing end-to-end. Services range from SAP-related IT strategy consulting and plant and process planning to software implementation and technology integration with the SAP software suite. Since its founding in 1999, IGZ has been growing to more than 400 employees at sites in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

The NetApp concept of data fabric was the sweet spot. No other vendor could offer this kind of future outlook.

Matthias SchmidtTeam Lead in System Administration, IGZ – The SAP Engineers

IGZ reached a point where its growing projects (in number and size), a migration to SAP HANA database technology, and the need for more server performance were taking a toll. Only 5 years after IGZ’s first investment in NetApp technology, it was time for a tech refresh.

Implementing the new NetApp AFF A220 system and a new backup storage was quick and smooth. IGZ operates server rooms in two separate buildings to accommodate primary and backup systems, six VMware ESX servers, and about 120 virtual machines. The file service runs on Storage Virtual Machines (SVMs). Just a few hours after switching on, the new AFF A220 was configured and integrated with the VMware environment and its database systems. The team avoided tedious file copying and used SVM disaster recovery relationships to replicate the files to the new system.

Adding cloud to the data fabric is only a matter of time for the company. IGZ has already assessed options such as NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP storage, for example, to help shift the SAP specialists’ test environments to cloud storage.


13x higher IOPS rate

200% more capacity

85% smaller storage footprint

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