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Hyland Software

To expand its document and content management services into the public cloud Hyland Software needed to be able use a single set of technologies for both on-prem and cloud workloads.
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Content services provider Hyland Software continues to innovate for clients using NetApp technologies and expanded cloud services.

Hyland Software has a long history of innovation in the enterprise content management sector. For more than 19,000 clients worldwide, Hyland helps capture, organize and distribute content on a large scale.

Enterprises that rely heavily on documentation – health care, financial services, higher education, insurance are key verticals – use Hyland’s flagship product OnBase to manage their content.

Hyland Cloud is a continuation of that innovation, offering Hyland clients a cloud solution for performance, cost and data sovereignty benefits.

Our partnership with NetApp has allowed us to have a single provider for our storage needs, whether its billions of small files that we house for our customers with their customer data, or our fast discs for our virtual machines, or containerizing our applications for developers.

Patrick Mulcahy, Vice President of Global Cloud Services

Having NetApp technologies at the core of its 18 co-located data centers made NetApp the right choice for cloud offerings. The company has NetApp FAS and NetApp AFF investments in its data centers. NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP and NetApp StorageGRID are used both on-prem and with the Hyland Clouds primary hyperscaler Amazon Web Services (AWS).

"As more customers store content and more content comes into these systems, we need creative solutions for our storage needs," Patrick Mulcahy, vice president of Global Cloud Services said. "We continue to see tremendous success in customers either starting fresh in the Hyland Cloud or premise-based customers moving to our Hyland Cloud offering."


  • Increased clouds storage from 2PB to 14PB
  • Faster customer deployments

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