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Dow Jones

Leverages data to stay ahead of industry disruption

Dow Jones

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United States of America

The intersection of data technology and media information

Data Visionaries at Dow Jones use data to make bold bets on reshaping news delivery, produce financial insights that power business and help people get the news they depend on.

Being a leader in an industry that has seen a great deal of change, Wall Street Journal publisher and news and information company Dow Jones understands the value of data—collecting it, managing it and applying its valuable insights—as a true competitive differentiator.

"We tend to label ourselves a media organization, but actually what we do on a day-to-day basis centers on creating data that our customers really want access to," said Data Visionary and Dow Jones Group Chief Product and Technology Officer Ramin Beheshti.

Dow Jones is a gateway to intelligence, with fast-changing technology, customizable data feeds, delivery systems and integrated solutions. Combine all of that with human-powered research, award-winning journalism and expert financial insights and you have a formula for bringing the information that matters most to customers every day, whenever and wherever they need it.

According to Beheshti, "Dow Jones has always been at the forefront of innovation, and the culture here is about being bold and making bold bets."

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Ramin Beheshti Chief Product and Technology Officer, Dow Jones Group

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