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Denver Broncos

Support a winning football team and enhance fan experience

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Denver Broncos

NetApp Powered IT: Supporting Players, Coaches, Staff, and Fans

From maintaining a competitive edge to making sure fans have the best possible experience, the Denver Broncos' approximately 300 employees depend on advanced IT to operate both on and off the field. So when the IT decision makers felt it was time to refresh the club's infrastructure to better support the football club's mission and goals, they turned to NetApp. NetApp recommended an easily scaled and managed converged FlexPod infrastructure able to accommodate escalating performance and capacity demands while seamlessly integrating with existing technology, including Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, and Citrix.

Quickly deployed with assistance NetApp partner, Peak Resources, Inc., the new FlexPod infrastructure combines NetApp FAS2240 systems with performance enhancing flash technology, Cisco UCS servers, and Cisco switches across primary and secondary data centers. Simplified and automated management, backup, restore, and disaster recovery capabilities round out the solution, keeping vital information safe yet readily accessible around the clock.

NetApp gives us peace of mind. They step in from the sidelines, coming in when we need them. From a relationship standpoint, they're top notch.

Russ Trainor VP of IT, Denver Broncos

Boosting the value of critical virtualized applications, the Denver Broncos' FlexPod infrastructure is not only making big differences on game day but on draft day as well. PlayerLync, which supports tablet-based team communications, now benefits from easier updates and faster access for up-to-the-minute playbooks. Coaches and players at home, on the road, or in the field can analyze, upload, and view Information including video clips of specific plays or even footage of opposing teams to better prepare for upcoming games. Ready and reliable access to the club's analytics and communications platforms are helping expedite the best possible draft picks for each and every round.

From home to the stadium and back again, Cisco and NetApp technology is helping the club further enhance the experiences and engagement of its 32,000 fans. For example, a new NetApp E-Series system, designed to support demanding performance and capacity requirements, is backing the efforts of the club's creative services team, which is responsible for driving memorable shows on game days. The FlexPod infrastructure is also helping optimize the club's fan-facing mobile application which must serve up content quickly—such as near instantaneous access to multiple angle replays. In addition, the converged infrastructure is helping boost fan engagemement by supporting a new website called the “Orange Herd”. It gives fans new options for communicating with the organization and sharing feedback; finding out about and participating in club-sponsored community events, such as a recently held blood drive attended by players and coaches; and more.

The FlexPod infrastructure also reliably supports a WiFi enabled venue and building automation system that controls such things as video screens, the scoreboard, and lights. It is also paving the way for upcoming Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives. These include putting sensors in players' shoulder pads to collect details such as player location and running speeds to provide real-time insights that can help drive winning plays and games—the ultimate goal.



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