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Innovation in engineering is a constant lifecycle of build, test, launch, repeat. A global manufacturer like Bosch has seriously complex demands on its  application development in support of engineering. Virtual machine instances help manage the workload but create storage and availability problems of their own.

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Bosch developed a private cloud solution in 2017 that allowed developers to clone a running template VM and use it immediately without having to run Sysprep. This helped to significantly streamline development. Teams could purchase the service and scale as needed. But within a year, the infrastructure had grown exponentially by duplicating itself every six months. This growth put a huge strain on the system, forcing IT to slow down onboarding of internal customers.

Bosch then turned to NetApp. The NetApp REST API could allow control of the solution from the outside and enable near-instant cloning of VMs.

Engineering innovation is a Bosch hallmark. The infrastructure-as-code solution exemplifies smarter innovation by creating a continuous integration pipeline for developers. Bosch is expanding the solution so that 14,000 developers worldwide have access to the streamlined services.

The NetApp storage systems enable developers to work in a cloud-like infrastructure to create better products, faster.

With 3,500 VMs per building block created daily, the new solution allows developers to perform their builds on a fresh VM without  client administration. Developers can easily adjust for a multitude of OEM variants, for example, the number of cylinders or amount of horsepower in a vehicle. They can create a VM in less than one second and run builds in parallel. This allows developers to spend more time developing, and ultimately, speed time to market.

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