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Build a Data Fabric to expose and integrate data sets among various platforms and between cloud and legacy platforms.
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Deploys a Data Fabric for Secure, Reliable Data in the Cloud

Global digital transformation firm Atos has a vision for the future uniting people, business, and technology. With over 120,000 employees in 73 countries, Atos provide IT services to Fortune 500 companies across various industries, as well for the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.

Atos manages more than 400 million customer transactions per month, while also helping organizations make digital transformations from legacy technology stacks to cutting edge data and communications solutions. The biggest challenge for Atos lies in exposing and integrating data sets among various platforms, including legacy and cloud.

Atos and NetApp converge in terms of vision, helping our portfolio and our go-to-market journey. I see a fantastic future for us.

Nourdine Bihmane Senior Vice President, Atos

This data must integrate cost-effectively and at speed, while providing absolute security protection–the Olympic Games network faces more than 400 attacks per second. Additionally, data infrastructure must run smoothly and reliably. In short, Atos needed a solution that could integrate disparate parts of a vast data portfolio in a single, unified monitoring and management system.

NetApp Cloud Volumes API helps do just that, enabling Atos customers to choose their own cloud provider—Amazon, Google, or Flexbot in the Atos data center. Meanwhile, NetApp AFF provides the speed needed to handle the enormous transaction volumes generated by Atos’ customers.


Partnering with NetApp allows Atos to solve its customers’ business challenges efficiently and cost-effectively, without sacrificing quality.

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Get to know what NetApp customers already know: Right now, the smart move is a digital transformation made possible by a data fabric.

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