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As customers are transitioning from Splunk classic architecture to the new Splunk SmartStore, Splunk and NetApp have completed official certification for multisite architectures based on Splunk SmartStore and NetApp® StorageGRID® object storage. So, no matter where you are in your journey, you can be sure that the solution will deliver an industry-leading object storage solution for your Remotestore tier.

Splunk SmartStore is a deployment architecture that delivers several important benefits. In addition to bringing data closer to compute on demand, it provides a high degree of compute/storage elasticity and makes it amazingly cost efficient to achieve longer data retention at scale.

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Key takeaways

  • Performance at scale with lower TCO by decoupling compute and storage
  • Unmatched scalability and durability (15 9’s) by leveraging layered EC + up to 200 billion objects and over 560 PBs in a single namespace
  • Enabling a hybrid cloud through cloud integration with AWS workflows/services and tiering data to Microsoft Azure and AWS Glacier/S3
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Raj Grewal

Senior Architect, AI/ML Ops, Splunk, Cloud

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