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2023 Cloud Complexity Report

NetApp explored how technology decision makers around the globe are navigating the complexity of using multiple cloud environments, including the challenges and the best practices that enable businesses to thrive in this new reality.

A cloud complexity dilemma – and the opportunity

The cloud is a must-have for digital transformation

Technology executives are facing a cloud complexity dilemma between the necessity of using the cloud and the complexity it creates. That dilemma has now reached a tipping point with 98% reporting their business has been impacted by increasing complexity of data across cloud from increased cybersecurity risk to lack of visibility into business operations to staff burnout.

Complexity at a tipping point

    • 98%
    • businesses impacted by increasing complexity of data across cloud and on premises
    • 45%
    • increased security risk
    • 44%
    • staff not taking full advantage of business applications

Technical and organizational barriers add to the cloud complexity dilemma

Most tech executives cite technical challenges of working across cloud environments, like data mobility and interoperability. For half of tech executives, there are also challenges at the leadership level, including not having a clear vision for their cloud strategy and a lack of leadership buy-in.

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Technical barriers

Tech executives report technical challenges optimizing cloud.

Tensions around ROI

Significant pressure to show short-term progress and fast ROI cited.

Cloud strategy key drivers

Multicloud strategy is driven by data sovereignty and ESG.

Looking to AI

AI support for cloud deployments will increase.

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