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NetApp data tiering solutions

: Optimize, simplify, and save

Intelligently manage your growing data footprint with NetApp® data tiering. Our solutions are designed to help you save money, automate the tiering process, and flexibly leverage tiering options on premises and in the cloud.

Why NetApp for data tiering?

Flexibility and savings in one

With NetApp data tiering solutions, your data is automatically placed on the right tier, at the right time, according to your defined data-aging policies—delivering savings immediately. It’s managed from a single point of control, and your cold (tiered) data is automatically retrieved to your high-performance tier if it becomes hot again. In other words, set it, forget it, and save... we take care of the rest!

Save up to 40%

Recapture up to 80% of the capacity in your high-performance ONTAP based storage tier—and save up to 40% of your storage TCO.

Maximize your flexibility

Choose from the broadest set of tiering options, in the cloud and on premises, and easily change tiering policies and destinations.

Automate your tiering process

Set it and forget it. Automatically tier cold data and retrieve it when it becomes hot again.

NetApp’s unmatched data tiering portfolio

NetApp data tiering solutions make it easy to move your infrequently accessed data from your ONTAP based high-performance storage tier to scalable, lower-cost object storage—with zero impact on applications or workflows. Choose your ideal on-premises and cloud destinations!

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IT complexity? Not in the evolved cloud.

The times they are a-changin’ and NetApp is delivering a better hybrid multicloud experience. Unified operations. Built-in protection. 

Automation to go green and save green. Bye, chaos. We won’t miss you.


For LASP, it’s all about auto-tiering. The cutting-edge laboratory has huge amounts of data that can’t be treated equally because of storage costs. Using ONTAP, LASP auto-tiers its data and saves 50%.

Boulder LASP space lab


Leading European services provider SVA turns cloud storage into easy-to-use and trusted services. The system integrator created S3 as a service based on StorageGRID.

SVA classroom

Mellanox Technologies

NVIDIA Mellanox, a leading supplier of networking products, uses Cloud Volumes ONTAP for backup and disaster recovery. 90% of their disaster recovery cold data is tiered to lower-cost object storage.

inside data storage center


BlueXP tiering helps Festo, a German industrial giant, optimize data center usage by automatically tiering cold data from NetApp AFF arrays to cloud object storage.

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NetApp solutions reduce emissions

Tiering data to the cloud provides a simple, powerful way to help reduce emissions.

Support and training

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