Extreme performance for file services

Simple, fully-managed cloud service for your cloud applications delivering high performance, reliability, and scalability for your production-level workloads.

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Why NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for AWS

Cloud Volumes Service supports Windows, Linux and multiprotocol file services, so you can easily run file-based applications, including legacy apps without refactoring them, on the cloud. Built for the cloud architect and application owner, it delivers on-premises flash performance and advanced storage functionality with the simplicity of native cloud services.

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Fully managed file services

NetApp configures and manages your infrastructure so you don‘t have to. 

Performance optimization

Dynamically adjust performance to match application requirements in real time, without having to move your data.

Multi-protocol support

Cloud Volumes Service for AWS offers concurrent shared persistent file access for Linux and Windows clients via NFS or SMB protocols.

Featured solutions

NetApp delivers a simple cloud service that allows you to deploy 100 TB in 8 seconds and deliver 20 times the performance compared to previous roll-your-own methods.Speeds are based on NetApp internal testing:

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Microsoft workloads

Simplify Windows file server deployments to support file server consolidation, SQL Server, and application migration.

Performance for your most demanding applications and workloads

Meet the demands of mission-critical applications, databases, HPC workloads and SaaS applications with up to 450k IOPs and millisecond latency.

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Cloud Volumes Service matches your workload needs for performance and scale with the flexibility to automatically grow or shrink capacity and right-size performance as necessary.

Flexible performance

Three available performance tiers:
Standard: 16MB / second / TB
Premium: 64MB / second / TB
Extreme: 128MB / second /TB

Guaranteed SLAs

NetApp offers the only cloud file service with guaranteed SLAs based on:

  • Performance service level
  • Availability service level
  • Downtime service level

Data protection

Protect your data with zero-footprint volume NetApp® Snapshot™ copies and near instant restore. Data- at- rest encryption is on by default for added security.

Multi protocol support

Deploy a fast, highly available and enormously scalableshared file storage service for Linux and Windows workloads.

Advanced data management

Rapid clones: Create new copies of datasets based on a clone of a point-in-time Snapshot copy.

We always had some time-outs or some file failures, but when we tested this using NetApp Cloud Volumes, it actually finished in less than an hour. That was a great breakthrough for us.

Cloud Engineering Manager

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We love how NetApp has invested, leaning forward into the cloud, so that we can enable our customers’ success.

Manager, Procurement, Software Developer

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By combining NetApp’s and Cascadeo’s expertise and learnings, we can help enterprises get complex workloads up-and-running on AWS quickly and drive better ROI.

Jared Reimer, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Cascadeo

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Cloud Volumes Service for AWS Global Availability Map

Discover nearby regions for service availability.

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