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Cloud Insights Federal Edition

: Infrastructure and application monitoring

The Cloud Insights Federal Edition provides a SaaS observability service via a government community cloud, with in process FedRAMP High Impact level approval. This is the highest security certification available to US Federal civilian agencies.

Netapp BlueXP observability dashboard with line graphs

Why Cloud Insights Federal Edition from NetApp?

The fastest path to a modern hybrid data center—without compromise

Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize all of your resources across the hybrid multicloud. Cloud Insights has achieved FedRAMP High authorization and is currently the only IT infrastructure observability tool vendor with the highest security certification available to US Federal civilian agencies.

Hybrid multicloud monitoring: Full-stack observability of infrastructure and workloads

  • Collectors for heterogeneous infrastructure and workloads, including Kubernetes
  • Full-stack relationship mapping and usage attribution for advanced capacity planning and troubleshooting
  • Open APIs for ingestion of custom metrics and integration to business tooling
  • Comprehensive alerting and notifications
  • Effectively run your entire hybrid infrastructure footprint like a service provider
multicloud monitoring application tile icons

Machine learning for intelligent insights

Discover the impact of issues, troubleshoot, and quickly resolve complex problems across your infrastructure.

  • Effective triage with full-stack performance correlation and attribution
  • AI/ML analysis of performance metrics for pro-active incident resolution
  • Find interactions and saturation with shared resources that disrupt multiple workloads
  • Identify workload contention before it causes performance degradation
machine learning dashboard with details in the table

Optimize resource utilization

Effective resource management and capacity planning for your entire IT landscape

  • Proactively reduce waste and maximize utilization across hybrid-cloud resources
  • Balance infrastructure usage and prevent performance bottlenecks
  • Quickly identify wasted or idle resources to reclaim cloud costs or defer on-prem investment
  • Right-size your workloads to prepare for cloud migrations
  • Associate resource utilization with your organizational units for advanced chargeback and BI reporting
optimize tiles of different organziations

Powerful visualization

Built-in, customizable dashboards to answer these questions and more

  • Can I reclaim wasted or idle resources in the cloud?
  • Are there any storage latency or saturation issues I need to address?
  • Are my workloads meeting service level objectives?
  • Do I have the available resources to scale my Kubernetes clusters?
  • What are the biggest risks to service levels in my environment?
hybrid cloud lab analysis showing instances

Discover the health of your ONTAP storage operations

Comprehensive observability for ONTAP, on and off-cloud

  • Complete ONTAP storage inventory, across all supported versions at any scale
  • Built-in, customizable dashboards for performance, capacity management and troubleshooting
  • Prevent capacity-related downtime with days-to-full predictions
  • Monitor logs and advanced metrics
ontap dashboard with multiple sections showing different information in graphs

Monitoring Kubernetes clusters, applications, and infrastructure

This ebook highlights some essential guidelines that will help you succeed with Kubernetes. It also explores how NetApp Cloud Insights enables nonexperts to effectively monitor Kubernetes, the underlying infrastructure, and the applications and services that run on Kubernetes.


$11.52 Per MU[1], Per Month
Use Cases Features

Monitoring and Troubleshooting: 

Get complete visibility into your infrastructure and applications whether it’s on-prem or in the cloud

  • Heterogenous storage, compute and application monitoring
  • Advanced metrics
  • Log monitoring
  • Virtualization and Cloud computing
  • Automatic topology mapping and metrics correlation
  • Infrastructure and configuration change audit & monitoring
  • Resolution Recommendations
  • Ingest from other open agents
  • Advanced user behavioral analytics

Visualization and Reporting:

Use the included customizable dashboards and reports or customize your own with powerful creation tools.

  • Standard and customizable dashboards
  • Kubernetes cluster and namespace explorer
  • BI Reporting

    - Cloud Insights data warehouse

    - Catalog of advanced reports

    - Comprehensive chargeback reporting


Right-size your resources, track, visualize and highlight your and over and underutilized infrastructure.

  • Storage utilization and efficiency trends
  • Identify waste at scale
  • Reporting with historical data trends
  • Metadata model supporting costs per metric/device
  • BU reporting for infrastructure cost consumption


Ingest custom data into Cloud Insights and leverage metrics and topology information in your other business applications.

  • Basic API for deployment and configuration
  • Webhooks for alerting
  • Enhanced API to access metrics and configuration information
  • Ingest API for logs or metrics from any source
  • Directly query Cloud Insights data warehouse
  • Customizable Polling Intervals
  • 13 Months data retention
  • SSO user auto-provisioning
  • Support via email, phone and chat
  • Premium support options available.

[1] Pricing is based on the number of Managed Units (MUs) you wish to monitor.

An MU is defined as: Compute: 1 Managed Unit = 2 hosts (virtual or physical)

Storage: 1 Managed Unit = 4 TiB of unformatted external capacity in a physical or virtual storage OR = 40 TiB of NetApp StorageGRID, Amazon S3, Dell EMC ECS, Hitachi Content Platform and IBM Cleversafe unformatted capacity (doesn’t account for the compute local storage)

Some examples:

  • If you have 100 hosts and 100 TiB of storage, you would purchase (100/2) + (100/4) = 75 MUs.
  • If you have 200TiB of NetApp StorageGRID and 200TiB of other storage, you would purchase (200/40) + (200/4) = 55 MUs.

Estimate your Managed Units (MU's)

2 hosts (virtual or physical) = 1 MU
4TiB of RAW capacity = 1 MU
4 TiB of provisioned external capacity in a physical or virtual storage = 1 MU
40 TiB of NetApp StorageGRID, Dell EMC ECS, Hitachi Content Platform and IBM Cleversafe unformatted capacity = 1 MU

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