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AFF Systems and Cloud Volumes ONTAP: Better Together

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Jon Jacob
Sometimes two good things are even better when they’re paired together, like:
  • Key and Peele teaming up to do their comedy skits
  • Watching the Super Bowl on a large-screen 4K Ultra-HD TV (if you couldn’t get tickets to the game)
It’s the same with the NetApp® portfolio. Individual NetApp solutions deliver strong customer value on their own, and when you use them together to build your data services infrastructure, you get even more value.

Let’s look at how this “better together” applies to two key IT trends:
  • Modernizing of enterprise apps. By retiring older hybrid flash storage systems and moving your data to new on-premises all-flash arrays, you can significantly speed up response times and reduce operational costs for applications like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and VMware.
  • Growing use of the cloud. You can quickly deploy new infrastructure in the public cloud whenever you need it and pay for it only when you’re using it.
Every day, more NetApp customers are modernizing their enterprise apps by deploying them on new NetApp AFF all-flash arrays to support their critical business operations. AFF systems are powered by industry-leading NetApp ONTAP® data management software. Together, AFF systems and ONTAP deliver the performance, availability, data protection, and security that you need for your enterprise apps.

Customers are also growing their cloud resources and using NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP (CVO) as their data management solution for storage capacity in the cloud. CVO enables you to run an ONTAP environment in the cloud, so you gain the benefits of ONTAP to manage that data. Over 1,000 customers have already deployed CVO for AWS, for Azure, or for Google Cloud.

AFF + CVO: Accelerate Your Enterprise Apps and Simplify Your Cloud Journey

When you build IT infrastructure that combines AFF systems with CVO, you can accelerate your enterprise apps while also protecting your data and simplifying your cloud journey. You can use CVO for backup and disaster recovery in the cloud for the critical data that you have on prem on your AFF system.

When you run ONTAP in both locations—on prem and in the cloud—you get the benefits of a data fabric: You can manage data seamlessly across your hybrid cloud and simplify storage administration. Your staff uses the same ONTAP skills and tools to manage data on prem and in the cloud as well as to easily move data between the two.

And because industry-leading data protection capabilities are built into ONTAP, your data protection is streamlined, too. The storage efficiencies in ONTAP help you shrink your cloud footprint, so you can also reduce your cloud spend. Plus, by tiering cold data to less expensive storage, you can further reduce your IT costs.

Grow Your Use of the Cloud to Drive Business

In addition to backup/DR, you can benefit from CVO in two other ways:
  • When your data is in a CVO environment in the cloud, you can leverage that data for development and testing of new business applications to generate additional business value. Quickly spin up cloud resources and create an ONTAP clone of the data whenever you need it for app dev/test. You can also create a cloud cache of your data so that remote teams can develop and test simultaneously, with fast response times.
  • You can use CVO to create an ONTAP environment in the cloud to support other primary applications that you want to migrate from on prem to full cloud-only deployment.

Achieve Both Trends

NetApp is now offering a combination that enables you to simultaneously take advantage of both IT trends: You can modernize your enterprise apps and grow your use of the cloud. Through April 30, 2021, a 2-year CVO license is included with select midrange and high-end AFF storage systems.

With this AFF + CVO offer, you get the infrastructure to build a hybrid cloud that’s the basis for your data fabric. You can seamlessly combine on-prem and cloud resources and have your data in the right place at the right time for your teams who need to use it. Plus, to help you simplify your adoption of cloud, this bundle leverages NetApp’s industry-leading integration with the world’s largest public cloud providers.

To learn more, contact NetApp or your IT partner to talk about your plans for enterprise apps and the cloud. Let’s work together to figure out how NetApp and our partners can pair our products and solutions, like AFF + CVO, to help you build a hybrid cloud that flexibly and cost-effectively supports your evolving IT strategy and helps you grow your business.

Want to check out CVO firsthand and learn how it meets your specific needs? Start using the free trial today!

Jon Jacob

Jon is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for NetApp ONTAP data management software. He joined NetApp in 2010 and enjoys leading the cross-team collaboration that’s needed to successfully launch new solutions. Prior to NetApp, Jon had 10+ years of marketing experience at HP in the Business Critical Systems division, including three years based in Germany. Outside of NetApp, when Jon’s not out on a run or bike ride, he enjoys going to San Jose Sharks hockey games.

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