Migrate to Azure: move the unmigratable with NetApp

Planning an Azure migration? NetApp has the tools and expertise to help you move even your most demanding workloads fast, easily, and risk-free. With cloud data services from NetApp and Microsoft, take your “un” to done.

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Why migrate to Azure with NetApp?

Master your migration for cloud transformation

The cloud holds the promise of elevating enterprise-scale business, but harnessing its power can seem overwhelming. If building a cost-effective, streamlined cloud environment that meets reliability and availability requirements is keeping you up at night, NetApp is ready to help you migrate the unmigratable.

Industry-leading solutions like Azure NetApp Files and NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP® are built on years of experience and our collaborative partnership with Microsoft. Together we can help you move to and operate in the cloud with less risk and cost.

Ready to gain the agility and control you need to transform your business?

Reduce complexity

Choose from a list of NetApp® BlueXP™ services that are proven and easy to use.

Manage cost

NetApp helps you manage your cloud spend with tools to increase visibility and optimize storage. 

Deliver performance

Expect the highest level of performance, scalable to meet on-premises performance in Azure.

Protect data

Defend against threats with the highest level of security and automated data loss prevention.

Take the next step

Approaching a migration to Azure starts with defining your business goals. NetApp can advise you on an effective cloud migration strategy and show you how to simplify the process.

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Let’s plan your migration

Sign up for a personalized migration planning session for you and your team to get the expert guidance you need to make your move to Azure a success.


Your migration roadmap

Need a plan for your Azure migration? This e-book takes a look at common steps you’ll encounter and how to successfully navigate your way to a better migration.

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Become a deployment expert

Sign up for an onboarding session to get performance tips and learn about the networking setup to achieve maximum benefit from day one.

Migration, the big picture

Most migrations start with questions like, “What do I migrate?” and “Will my apps run well in the cloud?” Don’t worry, NetApp has the tools to help you answer these questions and more. Like NetApp BlueXP health and observability services leveraging Cloud Insights, which monitors your entire IT infrastructure on-premises and in the cloud. Gain visibility into resource utilization, understand where to start, and learn how to stretch your cloud budget.

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Performance and protection, done and done

Whatever cloud architecture you’re planning, NetApp solutions deliver the same on-premises performance everywhere. Rest easy with 99.99% availability and submillisecond latency in a highly reliable and agile package. Plus, advanced security with integrated backups and recovery keeps you well-protected from ransomware attacks and data loss. All of it managed from a simple interface.

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Optimize spending and gain a load of efficiency to boot

Thinking about cloud spending begins and ends with time and money. When moving to Azure, NetApp helps you optimize both. For example, NetApp Global File Cache lets you cut both costs and risk by consolidating hundreds of distributed file servers into a single cloud footprint. And Azure NetApp Files offers efficient, centralized management with a simplified workflow, automation, and easy reporting and troubleshooting.

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One giant accolade 

As the Azure experts, NetApp empowers our customers to rethink the future, embrace the cloud, and get the most out of their data with a foundation to store, manage, and protect it anywhere. To bring it all home, we were named Microsoft’s 2021 Global Customer Experience Partner of the Year.

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A home for every database

Bring simplicity, performance, and security to all major databases with Azure, and easily manage your cloud migration with Azure NetApp Files.

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SAP migration ASAP

Reduce time, risk, and resource load for SAP projects with the only enterprise file service native to Azure. Start your journey to faster migrations today.

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Run VMware workloads in Azure

Extend VMware workloads to Azure for storage that can scale independently of compute resources. Azure NetApp Files datastores for Azure VMware Solution makes migrating and running VMware workloads in the cloud easier — and more cost-effective — than ever before.

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