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Explore NetApp cloud data services in AWS

NetApp® offers enterprise-grade, unified file sharing that can extend from your data center to AWS. Seamlessly migrate data and applications, optimize for performance and cost savings, and ensure your data is always available and protected.


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NetApp BlueXP

Start using the NetApp BlueXP control plane to deploy and manage Cloud Volumes ONTAP®, back up and restore data with Cloud Backup, tier data using Cloud Tiering, improve governance and compliance using Cloud Data Sense, and activate WORM for Cloud Volumes ONTAP. Simplify infrastructure management with advanced automation. Optimize your cloud storage costs and performance while enhancing data protection, security, and compliance.

Real-time infrastructure analytics

Monitor, remediate, and optimize resources and apps across your entire technology stack with BlueXP health and observability services using NetApp Cloud Insights.

Automated data synchronization

The BlueXP mobility service using NetApp Cloud Sync provides a simple, automated way to get your data in to AWS, run a service (such as EMR, Redshift, or RDS), and synchronize your on-premises and cloud data.

Build a complete strategy for cloud

Enable secure and efficient data management initiatives.

Fast-track your move to the cloud

Reduce risk by efficiently migrating, implementing, and integrating cloud solutions into your business processes and ecosystem.

Optimize and manage your data in the cloud

Gain operational efficiencies in data management by optimizing your NetApp cloud solutions to run at peak performance.

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