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NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer - SAN Specialist, E-Series

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NCIE— E-Series logos and certificates will be granted to those individuals who successfully pass the NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer—SAN, E-Series (NS0-516) exam.

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NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer—SAN, E-Series

We recommend that NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer–SAN, E-Series candidates have six to 12 months of experience in installing, configuring, and managing E-Series storage systems in various SAN environments to provide reliable, high-performance block storage solutions.

Recommended Training and Resources:

To enroll in NetApp University training courses, you will need a NetApp Support Site account.

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NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer –SAN, E-Series

The NS0-516 exam includes 60 test questions, with an allotted time of 1-1/2 hours to complete. In countries where English is not the native language, candidates for whom English is not their first language will be granted a 30-minute extension to the allotted examination completion time.

The NCIE-SAN, E-Series (NS0-516) exam includes the following topics:

Storage Configuration

  • Describe how to setup alerting and notification for the E-Series system.
  • Describe how to create and administer Volume Groups or DDP and associated volumes.
  • Describe physical and logical storage requirements.
  • Describe the setup of CHAP for an iSCSI environment.
  • Describe when to use DDP or Volume Groups.


  • Describe the process of reviewing and preparing a site for implementation of E-Series.
  • Describe the information you give a customer after deploying a solution.


  • Describe the hardware components in an E-Series storage system.
  • Describe Fibre Channel, Ethernet, Infiniband and SAS cabling.
  • Describe the appropriate tasks for adding additional storage to an E-Series system.
  • Describe drive encryption features.

Host Side

  • Describe the different host connection options for E-Series systems.
  • Describe how to configure hosts for multipathing.


  • Describe the administrative tasks for managing E-Series systems with SANtricity System Manager.
  • Describe the management security features in SANtricity System Manager and SANtricity Unified Manager.
  • Describe when and how to configure and use SANtricity Unified Manager.


  • Describe the tools required to design and implement an E-Series solution.


  • Describe how Data Assurance with media scan protects your data.
  • Describe SANtricity data protection features.


  • Describe the end-to-end network configuration for Fibre Channel and Ethernet.


  • Demonstrate the steps for troubleshooting an E-Series system.
  • Demonstrate how to analyze multipathing issues between a host and an E-Series system.

Your results will be available in CertCenter two (2) to five (5) business days after you complete your exam.

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