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Residency Services

Increase the effectiveness of your IT team.

Let best-in-class storage experts manage your systems

Our skilled storage professionals work as part of your corporate IT team, offering deep NetApp expertise to help you run your business at peak efficiency.

We can provide onsite resident staff in your data center to meet every operational demand.

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Reduce your risk. Realize the full benefits of NetApp data management technology

Storage infrastructures have become more complex, with shared environments, cloud architectures, and complex data centers. Using our dedicated, onsite experts, you can:

  • Achieve greater and faster ROI on your storage IT assets.
  • Benefit from the latest ITIL-based best practices, methodologies, and tools.
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Learn more

Explore role-based NetApp Residency Services.

Storage Management Engineer

Fine-tunes the efficiency of your data center operations so you can effectively manage change.

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Find out how our experts can assist you in every phase of the storage lifecycle. Contact your NetApp representative today.

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