NetApp Keystone terms and conditions

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Service-Specific Terms are incorporated into the Master Keystone Flex Subscription Terms accepted by Customer under which NetApp has agreed to provide Subscription Services (the “Keystone Terms”). See below for how to agree to the Keystone Terms. The Service-Specific Terms are effective as of the execution date of the applicable Keystone Order for Subscription Services (“Order Effective Date”) and apply solely with respect to the Subscription Services purchased by Customer under such Keystone Order. The Parties agree that these Service-Specific Terms govern Customer’s use of the Subscription Services under such Keystone Order. Capitalized terms used but not defined in these Service-Specific Terms have the meaning given to them in the Keystone Terms.

Master Keystone Terms

To view the most recent Keystone Terms please click here.

Keystone Orders

To start the Keystone Order process, you first have to agree to the Keystone Terms. Click here to accept the Keystone Terms and begin the ordering process. After you’ve accepted the Keystone Terms, a Keystone representative will reach out to you to start the ordering process. Keystone Orders are subject to credit check and NetApp approval.Keystone availability varies by country. Please visit the NetApp Keystone Sales Contact page or consult a NetApp representative if you have questions about availability in your area.

Applicable Service-Specific Terms and Updates

When Customer purchases a new Subscription Service pursuant to a Keystone Order, the then-current Service-Specific Terms will apply to the Subscription Services and the Subscription Products provided under such Keystone Order and will not change during Customer’s subscription for that Subscription Term. When NetApp introduces features, or functionality that was not previously included with the Subscription Service, NetApp may provide terms or make updates to the Service-Specific Terms that apply to Customer’s use of those new features, supplements, or related software. Any such updates will not apply to Customer’s then-current Service-Specific Terms but instead will apply to Customer’s next Purchase Order for the applicable Subscription Service.

Service-Specific Terms

In addition to the Master Keystone Terms, the following Service-Specific Terms apply only to the listed Subscription Service indicated in the applicable section title. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the Master Keystone Terms and these Service-Specific Terms, these Service-Specific Terms shall prevail as to the applicable Subscription Service. If a Subscription Service not listed below, it does not have any Service-Specific Terms.
Keystone Flex Subscription Services – NetApp Operated
Keystone Flex Subscription Services – Customer Operated