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Oracle Database Backup and Replication

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Protecting your Oracle environment is like walking a balance beam—you’ve got to perfectly balance budget with zero-data-loss goals, and balance downtime with managing data protection requirements and processes. Oracle database backup and replication solutions from NetApp help you stick the landing, shrinking database backup time from 15 hours to 15 minutes and slashing replication storage costs by more than 80%.

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Regular Oracle database backups

Italgas, Europe’s third largest gas distribution company, migrated their entire data center (including 55 large Oracle databases) to Microsoft Azure. They realized immediate data center cost and management benefits but still needed to improve their ability to meet performance demands.

How did they do it? Enter Azure NetApp Files, which allowed greater control of database performance and network traffic. Together, NetApp and Microsoft teams helped Italgas develop testing scenarios that would meet targeted performance metrics under stringent cost constraints. With Azure NetApp Files, storage supports application demands with high performance and low latency.

The best part? As a result of the optimization and manageability, Italgas has achieved new SLAs. Today, the company has moved from classic disk-based backup to consistent backup based on NetApp® Snapshot copies. Database backups were reduced from 15 hours to 15 minutes.

Incremental versus full backup

Think of Oracle database backups like the uneven parallel bars. A full backup is the taller bar—a complete backup of all files on the designated hard drive. An incremental backup is the shorter bar—a backup of just the changed files since the last full or incremental backup.

With NetApp solutions for Oracle databases, you can back up and restore databases, even at petabyte scale, in seconds. So if problems arise during your routine, you’ll be back on the bars in no time.

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Oracle database replication

Across edge, core, and cloud, your data needs to be protected. Our integrated, automated data protection acts as a spotter—safeguarding your data no matter where it moves.

NetApp Snapshot and SnapMirror® technologies provide seamless data protection, replicating database data at high speeds. High availability and fast Oracle database replication provide instant access to your business-critical data, so you know we’ve always got your back.

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Storing backups in the cloud

If you’re going for Oracle database gold and migrating to the cloud, you’re probably prioritizing which components to migrate first. In a recent Pulse survey, we asked participants which components they’re moving to the cloud. No surprise—backups tied for the top spot on the podium.

A hybrid multicloud strategy lets you migrate backups to the cloud and keep other components on premises. Our partnerships with the world’s biggest clouds offer you the flexibility to build your Oracle cloud infrastructure your way—without vendor lock-in.

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