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NetApp Intelligence

: Leading insights for better decisions

Disruptive forces are stronger than ever. NetApp Intelligence sets forth to address the significant issues, critical questions and challenges you’re facing today and in the future.

The latest intelligence at your fingertips

AI, FinOps, Security, Sustainability

NetApp is partnering with research firms like IDC to bring you original research and expert perspectives on topics that are shaping industry and keeping you up at night.

Is your data AI ready?

AI transformation is here, supercharged by generative AI. It’s disrupting industries and jobs, while promising trillions in new economic value. The challenge now is capitalizing on AI—responsibly.

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A new way to unify storage

As data grows and landscapes become more complex, companies need full visibility into the health, usage, security, and performance of their data across all locations and environments. Learn how unified data storage can help.

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Build better cybersecurity

Pursuit of digital business has made using hybrid multicloud IT a given. Learn from the experts on how to secure an expanded IT environment and go beyond risk reduction to build trust.

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ESG survey report: Sustainability and IT

New report shows how sustainability has impacted operations, purchasing and AI

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Operationalize FinOps for continuous cloud and cost efficiency

Operationalize FinOps to not only drive continuous cost savings but to provide increasingly more efficient cloud infrastructure and make better business decisions. Learn how FinOps can become a strategy for continuous cloud and cost efficiency.

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