Distributed Content Management solutions: Harness your data explosion

Your petabytes of data. Our Distributed Content Management solutions. Get ready to increase collaboration and efficiency, create compelling new services, and optimize and automate workflows.

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Why NetApp for distributed content management?

Distribute, collaborate, innovate

NetApp solutions for distributed content management help you lower the cost of petabyte-scale data management by creating a geo-distributed single pool of storage for collaboration and efficiency. 

We also help make sure your content is placed in the right location, at the right time, on the right storage tier, as well as automating General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements and workflows.

And for service providers, our solutions help you create compelling new services that drive better margins and win new customers.

Distribute, collaborate, innovate

Create a global namespace for collaborative workflows that speed innovation.

Lower the cost of petabyte-scale data management with StorageGRID

Leverage NetApp® StorageGRID® to create a geo-distributed single pool of storage for collaboration and efficiency. Reduce TCO by 75% through StorageGRID's integrated lifecycle management. Automate and integrate StorageGRID into your existing environment.

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Create compelling new services that help drive better margins and win new customers

Manage your data as its value changes over time. Place data on the optimal storage tier in a multitenant environment. And distribute content across multiple geographically dispersed sites for data protection.

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Control privacy, availability, and sovereignty of your distributed media

Place content in the right location, at the right time, on the right storage tier. Optimize workflows and reduce overall costs for the Internet of Things (IoT) design process. And automate General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements and workflows.

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Learn how NetApp customers manage distributed content

Leveraging new services based on NetApp technology, ASE customers can manage their cloud data from an easy-to-use portal—saving up to 75% on storage costs.

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Mantieni i tuoi dati al sicuro e in buone condizioni

I dati non protetti sono un disastro annunciato Inoltre, gli approcci tradizionali alla protezione dei dati non tengono il passo con la complessità dell'IT e le minacce crescenti. Con NetApp, puoi essere sicuro che i tuoi dati sono protetti on-premise e nel cloud senza alcun impatto sulle performance applicative. Pianifica backup e disaster recovery. Aumenta la privacy e la conformità. Previeni il ransomware. Resta al passo con le minacce emergenti. Intelligente, giusto?

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Partner Connect

Look no further than our trusted Partner Connect network to find a great partner to help with your distributed content needs.

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