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VMware data protection

: Cyber resilience from NetApp and VMware

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VMware data protection: Keeping data safe on premises and in the cloud

The cloud isn’t a destination—it’s a journey. And that journey has many different paths, challenges, and timelines for every organization. Whether you’re prepping your data center for a future move to the cloud, in the midst of a migration, or making yourself at home in the cloud, VMware data protection is critically important. Your journey to cloud will fall short if your data isn’t safely there with you each step of the way.

With NetApp and VMware, you can safeguard your data through each step of your cloud adventure. Protected data is happy data—on premises or in the cloud.

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What’s NetApp got to do with VMware data protection?

You might be asking yourself, "Why do I need NetApp to protect my VMware workloads? Kind of feels like you’re asking me to pay add-on fees for a trip I’m already on.”

For more than 20 years, NetApp and VMware have been working together to deliver trusted storage and virtualized infrastructure solutions. That means our solutions are natively integrated with VMware to support both traditional and cloud-native applications.

Check out some of the added benefits of bringing NetApp into your VMware data protection plans:

  • Built-in autonomous ransomware protection
  • Centralized infrastructure monitoring through a simple UI
  • Zero Trust compatibility to enable multifactor authentication, role-based access, comprehensive logging, and user behavior anomaly detection
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Klinikum Freising backs up data up to 6 times faster

You know the feeling—you’ve been working on a spreadsheet all day and the program crashes before you can save. In an instant, all your data is gone.

Now imagine the stakes if you’re a municipal hospital. Your data can’t be lost if something happens to your infrastructure. Klinikum Freising is the largest employer in the Freising district of Germany, managing 40,000 inpatient and outpatient cases. That’s a lot of data to keep safe, and there’s no room for error.

Enter NetApp and VMware. With our solutions for data protection, Klinikum Freising now backs up VMware workloads up to 6 times faster—so critical data can be recovered if an unexpected hiccup occurs.

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The next level of VMware data protection: Cyber resilience

Data protection is critically important for your data center, but it isn’t the whole story. A truly resilient infrastructure combines data protection and data security, starting with the data itself.

Meet the ultimate ransomware battle armor: cyber resilience. With our built-in solutions, you can protect your data from loss and downtime, proactively detect potential threats, and quickly recover data, applications, and VMware workloads in minutes if something goes awry. With NetApp, ransomware is no match for your IT.

Are NetApp data protection solutions available on premises and in the cloud?

Yes. On premises or in the cloud, our solutions keep your VMware workloads protected.

How does NetApp protect against ransomware?

Because ransomware is a multilayered threat, we take a multilayered approach:

  • Protect. Prevent attacks and minimize data losses and downtime.
  • Detect. Proactively identify internal and external threats.
  • Recover. Quickly restore data, workloads, and applications.

How do I know if I need better VMware data protection?

As cybercriminals get more sophisticated, so will your data protection strategy. The NetApp Data Protection and Security Assessment service can help you identify gaps in your current strategy and develop an actionable, proactive plan to minimize potential risks to your VMware workloads.

Note: This assessment applies only to your existing NetApp® ONTAP® and Cloud Volumes ONTAP storage environments. If you’re not currently using ONTAP, you can talk to one of our cyber resilience specialists to assess your current data protection strategy.

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