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The Impact of Data Storage on Climate

: It’s bigger than you think

It’s Time for Definitive Action on Sustainability

Are You Ready?

All data comes with hidden environmental costs – not just economic costs. 

For organizations seeking to operate more sustainably, this is a serious issue. Data volumes are growing rapidly, so unless you can manage them effectively, expect your energy consumption, costs, and carbon footprint to increase as well. 

The question is, what can you do about it? 

Did you know...



Data created and stored that is never used



Data center power consumed by storage



CIOs will have specific performance metrics tied to energy consumption by 2025
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It’s Time for Definitive Action on Sustainability

 Are You Ready?

Given the relationship between data storage on carbon emissions, CEOs and CIOs are connecting their data storage and sustainability strategies. CEOs in Europe, for example, report that meeting ESG requirements is now their #1 business risk – which places sustainability above even cybersecurity.

At the same time, new regulatory mandates such as the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive are forcing business and IT leaders to prepare for compliance now. Are you ready?

NetApp's sustainability portfolio is more complete than standard green IT offerings, which often only focus on energy efficiency equipment, IDC

IDC link document
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