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Children’s Cancer Institute Australia and NetApp

: A partnership to cure childhood cancer

NetApp® partners with the Children’s Cancer Institute (CCI) in Australia to deliver data analytics and data management solutions. With these solutions, the CCI can make better-informed decisions for its research institute.

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Zero childhood cancer

Cancer research takes an enormous amount of data, which is why NetApp is working with Australia’s CCI to accelerate discoveries and try to solve childhood cancer. The CCI uses NetApp technology to store, manage, and analyze crucial research data.

Community engagement to cure cancer

“CEO Dare to Cure” is a community engagement event and fundraising initiative of the CCI. NetApp Australia is partnering with the CCI on the new 3-year initiative, building on a shared vision to combat childhood cancer and improve outcomes for young cancer patients.

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NetApp’s partnership with CCI

    • 1TB
    • Data analyzed per patient

    • 3 years
    • Partnership for CEO Dare to Cure
    • $1.75M
    • Fundraising goal

“CEO Dare to Cure” ambassador: Matt Hurford, AVP, NetApp ANZ

The AVP and managing director of Australia and New Zealand at NetApp, Matt Hurford, has been appointed as an ambassador for the “CEO Dare to Cure” fundraising initiative. This year, Matt will be “eating bugs for breakfast” as his CEO challenge, demonstrating the company's commitment to making a social impact.

“CEO Dare to Cure” ambassador: Matt Hurford, AVP, NetApp ANZ

Working with the customer

The CCI has been a customer of NetApp for over 5 years. By combining forces, we aim to make a substantial difference in the lives of children affected by cancer and contribute to a world free of childhood cancer.

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By partnering with NetApp, we can better manage and analyze the vast amount of genetic data generated through our research, facilitating collaborations and accelerating discoveries. This partnership brings us one step closer to finding a cure for childhood cancer. As we say— ‘It’s not if. It’s when.’

Anne Johnston, Director of Marketing and Fundraising, Children's Cancer Institute

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