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NetApp DevOps Master Class

A learning path that covers the essentials to DevOps success.

Curated content for DevOps success

This webinar series will deliver best practices and recommendations for leveraging the modern toolsets and patterns your developers need for your existing NetApp solutions.
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Deliver infrastructure as code: Ansible modules for NetApp

Does it take you weeks to stand up your infrastructure? Get it down to hours! Learn about new and updated NetApp modules for Ansible 2.8, playbook examples of how to use modules and new features and functionalities of NetApp modules for Ansible.

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Solve storage persistence for containers with NetApp Trident

Trident is dynamic, open-source persistent storage orchestrator for containers. Learn how Trident: improves resource utilization and scale, automates storage provisioning in the cloud and on the premises and delivers faster access to developers to start building high-quality code.

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Cloud native applications and infrastructure management

Tooling and complexity can quickly become problems that devour precious development time. Learn how developers and their teams can rise above these common challenges. Address the top considerations when managing clusters in public or private cloud environments.

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Deliver a container in any cloud. Even on premises!

The cloud, fueled by rich data, delivers a new consumer experience that makes legacy IT and "wait times" unacceptable. And because cloud isn't one thing or one place, it's easy to consume but hard to create. Watch how you can deliver a seamless hybrid cloud experience in any cloud.

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Build your DevOps pipeline with Jenkins and K8s

Learn how to build/test/deploy pipelines commonly used on premises and how you can use them to increase deployment velocity for development teams.

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