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FAS500f product image

NetApp FAS500f

: A sleek solution for your massive data

Got capacity-intensive applications for medical imaging and research, media and entertainment production, EDA, and backup or archiving workloads? The all-flash FAS500f is the perfect answer to your call for efficiency and simplicity.

The NetApp FAS Series

The capacity-optimized FAS series product line has been embraced by customers for their versatility. Build your datacenter with the #1 customer trusted cloud-integrated​ unified storage platform that enables easy deployment and operations. There are six FAS models, each tailored to different needs.

NetApp FAS500f specs

Each FAS series can accommodate up to 24 nodes (12 HA pairs) per cluster.

  • Maximum raw capacity per HA pair: 734TB
  • Maximum drives per HA pair: 48
  • NAS scale-out: 1-24 nodes (12 HA pairs)
  • SAN scale-out: 1-12 nodes (6 HA pairs)
  • Maximum raw capacity for cluster: 8.8PB
  • Controller chassis from factor: 2U
  • OS version: ONTAP 9.8 RC1 and later
  • Storage protocols supported: NVMe-oF, FC, FCoE, iSCSI, NFS, pNFS, CIFS/SMB, Amazon S3
  • Median power consumption: 491 watts

ONTAP: Choose the #1 customer-trusted ecosystem

ONTAP is the the #1 customer-proven operating system that delivers the security, simplicity, and scalability for your hybrid cloud deployments.

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Simplify data management, 365 days a year, with Simplicity365

Learn once, reap the benefits forever. With NetApp's Simplicity365, we lighten the heavy burden for front line IT teams across edge, core, and hybrid cloud deployments.

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Easy setup

Taking the first step into the cloud may be easier than you think. With the NetApp FAS series, you can provision your own storage in just minutes, and reduce costs simply by implementing NetApp's proven methods of efficiency.

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Remain flexible

If you're already working with a public cloud vendor, we have good news: you can easily integrate NetApp's hybrid cloud with your existing clouds on any public cloud. Our powerful reporting will help you further optimize your storage in the future.

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Safe, everywhere

We protect your data at every opportunity, making sure it stays safe and sound, in transit or at rest. Whether it lives in the cloud or on premise, every data point is completely safe and secure, thanks to ONTAP's customer-trusted security features.

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Effortless migration

The ONTAP ecostystem has everything you need for a smooth migration, including NetApp's SnapMirror. This software expertly moves your data between on-prem and the cloud through data replication.

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Risk prevention

Reduce risks and lost time by signing up for alerts from NetApp Active IQ Unified Manager. Receive problem prevention tips (based on the collective wisdom of our user base) whenever the system detects a risk factors.

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"It's user-friendly, and I am happy with the dashboard, customization, and security.

"The most valuable features are the NAS features and NetApp's excellent support. We are mainly using this solution for file sharing, virtualization, and database storage. I have been using this solution for seven years. It's very stable. It's scalable. You can scale as much as you can have. We have approximately 500 end-users in our organization. I would definitely recommend this solution to others who are interested in using it."

NetApp FAS Customer: IT Manager

Maritime company, 51-200 employees

Other Models

Choose the best of hybrid cloud

Connect your data, wherever it lives, with NetApp's services for hybrid cloud.

Change how you see your data

With ONTAP, getting valuable insights from your data is just a few clicks away.

Deployment in just minutes

Setup for these FAS models is so simple, it can go from start to completion in under ten minutes.

Scale up and out, as needed

Maintain a seamless IT connection between primary and branch locations of your distributed enterprise.

Next Steps

Try ONTAP, risk-free

One of our top products and the powerhouse behind the entire FAS family, NetApp ONTAP is yours to try for free. You can get started in just a few clicks.

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