ONTAP Select: Flexible deployment, cloud-like agility

NetApp® ONTAP® Select software-defined storage virtual appliance combines cloud’s agility and granular capacity scaling with the flexibility, resilience, and locality of on-premises storage. Select wisely.

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Why ONTAP Select for your hybrid cloud?

Robust enterprise software-defined storage (SDS)

NetApp ONTAP Select offers robust enterprise storage services that are easily deployed on your choice of commodity hardware from the comfort of your own data center. It combines the best of the cloud, in terms of agility and granular capacity scaling, with the flexibility, resilience, and locality of on-premises storage.

ONTAP Select converts a server’s internal disk drives, NVMe, SSD or HDD, as well as HCI and external array storage, into an agile, flexible storage system with many of the same benefits offered by dedicated storage systems based on NetApp® ONTAP® data management software.

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Key benefits

 From increased agility and flexibility to a no-compromise architecture, ONTAP Select provides a range of valuable benefits.

Unprecedented storage agility with SDS from edge to core to cloud

Spin up storage resources with cloudlike agility from start to serving data in just minutes. Move and replicate data easily with consistent management across your data fabric. Dynamically add capacity and scale performance to meet changing business needs. And deploy Extreme Edge for mobile or autonomous vehicles, remote industrial environments, and tactical field deployments.

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Multidimensional flexibility of a software-defined architecture

Harness the power of ONTAP software on commodity hardware. Deploy on your choice of commodity servers, hypervisors, and media. Leverage unified data access for both SAN and NAS. Design the right architecture for your environment—from single node to scale-out clusters. And scale from 1TB to multiple petabytes with granularity to align compute and storage capacity.

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Enterprise-grade SDS without compromise

Leverage software-defined ONTAP Select to deliver integrated data protection with local Snapshot® copies, remote backup, and MetroCluster SDS for multisite HA. Scale performance and capacity while saving storage space using leading data-reduction technologies. And take advantage of unified access controls for NAS and SAN with proven ONTAP data management features in an SDS package.

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Primary use cases

Start your transformation with data, connected to your cloud, then accelerated for your business

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We now have a tiered solution at the right size for our environment at a total cost of ownership that was affordable.

Jay Efferson, Information Sciences Project Manager, City of Baton Rouge

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Key partnerships

See how our partners are delivering software-defined ONTAP Select solutions for ruggedized, mobile environments.

Cubic Mission Solutions

Cubic Mission Solutions connects the hyper-enabled operator to the tactical cloud by providing a diverse range of products that allow customers to transmit critical voice, data, and video technologies over varied transport systems.

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PacStar Solutions

PacStar provides focused hardware and software solutions for military and commercial customers requiring reliable 24/7 advanced communications.

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Vector Data Specializing in Data Storage

Vector Data specializes in building CDNs and data storage products, services and solutions for industries with rugged hardware requirements.

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Acromove Manufacturing SDS

Acromove manufactures portable NAS and RAID computer systems providing a hyperconverged software-defined system (SDS) that combines storage, compute, networking and virtualization technologies in a single physical unit.

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