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Urban Transport Authority (ZTM) of Poznań

Smooth and scalable public mobility operations in a growing economic area with 24/7 needs
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Urban Transport Authority (ZTM) of Poznań

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Simplifies Life for Half a Million Public Transport Users a Day

Greater Poznań is a prospering region in western Poland. Its economic strength, however, comes with an ever-growing number of commuters and a variety of public transport services. To improve access and infrastructure efficiency, the region’s municipalities joined forces for a single digital service and a data infrastructure that fits many mobility needs.

The Urban Transport Authority (ZTM) of Poznań took on the project. Its team had to establish a single payment system for all transport providers in the region, ease the use of public transport, improve the quality of service, and ensure 24/7 availability of the core IT systems.

With NetApp’s universal interfaces, we can easily extend the central PEKA system to other services, systems, or a cloud. Whether we add new touch points with customers or external services, it comes without any extra costs for storage licenses. We definitely benefit from efficiency and availability at minimum risk and have the freedom to expand as needed.

Daniel Wawrzyniak Public Transport Technical Director at ZTM

ZTM needed a flexible, reliable, and economic infrastructure that could handle the new digital services with the PEKA card as a mobile hub. In addition to being a ticket carrier, it needed to store discounts and special service rights and allow status checks through card readers in the vehicles, on the internet, and at customer service points. And there was more on the wish list, such as selling online tickets and offering online complaint services, as well as cashless payment of parking zone fees and single rides by using the electronic carrier tPortmonetka.

Putting all eggs in one basket requires a special solution. That’s why ZTM relies on NetApp® ONTAP® systems and NetApp MetroCluster™ software to set up an active-active data center. Data is stored on both sides and is cross-replicated to allow uninterrupted service recovery after a failure. Overall, the solution provides continuous availability and zero data loss at the lowest possible cost.


  • 6,000 devices, 4,000+ Card readers, and 700+ vehicles Connected
  • Service Quality improved by 70%
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