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Enhance Development Efficiency and Performance with A700 AFF
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Implements AFF with FlexClone to create new development environments quickly and accelerate time to market, while saving on compute and manpower costs.

Verint deployed NetApp’s AFF A700 and FlexClone in order to overcome integration challenges and slowdowns in its development efforts. The comprehensive, single-point solution accelerates response time and enables faster provisioning to shorten Verint’s CI/CD cycle, while maintaining high performance. As a result, Verint enjoys greater efficiency and fully utilizes its capabilities and resources, while keeping compute and manpower costs down.

With the NetApp solution, we can slash the time needed to create an environment from 6 hours to 5 minutes regardless of scale, while provisioning additional environments simultaneously. That translates to a time savings of 70% for each product line.

Sandrine Kalk Director of Global DevOps and Operations, Verint



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