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Animation demands a high-performance production pipeline

Bringing animations to life is an extremely complex process that can involve dozens of animators. Workflows and version control are critical. With the right storage infrastructure, Polygon Pictures is producing award-winning content.

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Quality is dependent on performance

Founded in 1983, the Polygon boasts the world’s longest history as a digital animation studio. It has a history of meeting challenges in innovative 3DGC video production. The company has produced many works such as Tron: Rising (Disney), Transformers (Hasbro Studio), and Star Wars: Clone Wars (Lucasfilm). Eight Emmy Awards confirm the high quality of the studio's work, and the outstanding creativity of the production team.

The company is forging ahead with construction of its third-generation video production pipeline, Cloud-Based Pipeline System (PPiP3.0), and needed a flexible, cloud-enabled solution for managing data to support complex workflows and version controls.

By adopting NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP as the ideal storage environment that we were looking for, the plan has made great strides towards realization.

Yoshinori Yokoyama-san, Systems Department, Polygon Pictures

Anime the Right Way

Polygon Pictures was looking for cloud storage with NFS/CIFS file access. With REST API–based object storage such as Google Cloud Storage, it was difficult to read and write data directly from the 3DCG applications and tools used by the production team.

Cloud Volumes ONTAP is a storage service that can be used in public clouds such as Google Cloud. With Cloud Volumes ONTAP, the company achieves the same level of data management and data access as with its on-premises NetApp ONTAP storage.


Huge data volumes are generated by 3D animations. Cloud Volumes ONTAP brings significant reduction in storage costs.

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