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Nomura Asset Management

Makes a data center move and moves up in performance data and security
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Nomura Asset Management

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Makes a data center move and moves up in performance data and security

Nomura Asset Management Taiwan Ltd. provides international investment experts and offers diverse investment products and services to investors. The company has an investment system for managers and an accounting system for customer fund redemption, as well as several mission-critical applications including a product marketing system and an online trading platform.

Because these systems generate a huge amount of data, a fast and convenient storage equipment is essential to ensuring that these systems operate efficiently.

Facing the digital revolution, we need to establish a data-driven platform with better scalability and connectivity to public clouds, so that IT can support our continuous innovations of the business. I sincerely recommend NetApp because it can achieve our vision.

Pat Hu, Vice President of Information Technology

Nomura needed to rapidly increase its agility in order to respond quickly to unpredictable market demands. Nomura firmly believes that only all flash system can connect to public clouds in the future for wider and deeper use of applications such as AI and big data, while also ensuring the non-interruption of data center.

Nomura and NetApp completed contract signing, and within two weeks the AFF A220s were in place. Nomura then installed the equipment in its primary server room in Taipei and the backup room in Taichung.

Since NetApp AFF went live, it has already delivered many substantial benefits to Nomura. For example, DB batch processing and backup are now three times quicker. In terms of storage space, NetApp AFF's online deduplication and compression functions enabled a highly efficient 43:1 compression rate.



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