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Accelerates performance with NetApp solutions and secures the future of its IT infrastructure

Operating in Turkey since 1967, Mercedes-Benz Türk is one of the biggest foreign capital investors in Turkey, with an investment volume of more than €1,14 billion and more than 6,400 employees. Mercedes-Benz Türk was convinced that HANA would be the perfect fit to its current SAP solution, so the company started migrating to the HANA database. Within this transformation, the company regarded NetApp’s superior EF560 All-Flash solution as the best technology to store the database.

Our expectations of NetApp were equal to the trust we have in such a great brand. The partnership we experienced exceeded those expectations.

Burak Demircan IT Infrastructure and Operations Manager, Mercedes-Benz Türk

The former architecture consisting of SAP BPC (Business Planning and Consolidation) structure on a standard relational database was running too slowly and causing delays for mission-critical services such as reporting. Additionally, the legacy virtual environment running on a storage system using SAS disks, caused operational latency, which led to decreasing efficiency and performance.

Mercedes-Benz Türk decided to migrate to a HANA database, which could overcome these obstacles and run a faster, more powerful infrastructure. The company used NetApp’s high performance EF560 Flash-Array storage solution to bring out the full power of the HANA architecture running SAP in-memory database technology.


Minimized downtime and interruption during migration

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