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Lisboeta Macau

A new tech-rich hotel experience depends on data availability to serve guests.
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Lisboeta Macau

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When Staying in Style, NetApp’s Data Reliability is a Five-Star Amenity

Lisboeta Macau is a new design hotel concept set to reshape the face of modern Macau. Lisboeta Macau is already creating a buzz thanks to its technologically advanced experiences. For example, guests can experience Asia-Pacific’s first ever urban zip-line attraction, which operates throughout the day and night. To achieve continuous availability, Lisboeta Macau turned to NetApp for a solution that provides a stable data management system.

NetApp has a proven track record of providing an active clustered solution. This gives us utmost confidence that NetApp will be able to support us to deliver these round-the-clock guest experiences.

A Senior IT Executive | Lisboeta Macau

MetroCluster works by immediately duplicating mission-critical data on a transaction-by-transaction basis, providing uninterrupted access to applications and data. The solution works seamlessly with Lisboeta Macau’s host environment to provide continuous data availability, flexible deployment options, single-system administration and automated switchover.


With MetroCluster, the hotelier is able to reliably depend on data, and have business-critical IT applications running all times of day and night. Its IT infrastructure experiences zero data loss, and can achieve system recovery in minutes rather than hours.

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