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GK Software: Enabling retailers to optimize data management


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NetApp ONTAP systems store and protect the data of a global software business

From cashier systems to personalized shopping with smartphones, GK Software improves the retail experience. Their software solutions enable modern shopping and help retailers optimize processes, improve customer relationships, and cut costs. GK trusts NetApp® storage and security solutions and the expertise of NetApp Prestige Partner Logicalis to manage their data and power retail innovation.

NetApp flash with NVMe is incredibly fast. It speeds up software-build processes and allows for more tests. This contributes to the software quality and benefits our business expansion.

David Denner, Director of IT Infrastructure, GK Group IT Solutions

Delivering modern shopping experiences

GK’s solutions run on site or as a cloud service delivered by SAP and public clouds. Products are developed within GK’s private cloud, with NetApp as central technology. All data, from source code and test files to VMware and CIFS file services, depend on it. Wherever software is programmed or adapted, NetApp ONTAP® storage is on site.

GK leverages NetApp SnapVault® feature and Snapshot™ copies for file backups and fast restores on all systems. NetApp SnapMirror® software replicates all data to Germany, where it’s centrally backed up to disk and tape. Only VMware backups require third-party software. Local storage and backup from NetApp work nondisruptively to create a seamless data fabric.

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