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Leverage cloud efficiencies to offer affordable disaster recovery as a service

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Concerto Cloud Services Brings Harmony to a Multi-cloud World

Businesses are clamoring to move to the cloud. But one-size-fits-all solutions from public cloud providers don't work for everyone. Multiple business needs call for multi-cloud management. With its best-in-class, fully managed services, Concerto Cloud makes hybrid cloud management easy.

Using ONTAP Cloud, Concerto can now federate customer workloads across AWS EBS back-end storage platforms and its production AFF into one seamless pool of storage resources. This enables Concerto to move customer workloads from one performance tier to another—and back—on demand. Customers pay for the increased performance only as long as they need it.

ONTAP Cloud brings something unique to our design that no other storage platform could.

Eric Tuley Director of Cloud Platform Operations

It's a game changer for customers with seasonal workloads. Like retail customers gearing up for seasonal sales or holiday shopping; financial departments grappling with their month-end, quarter-end, or year-end close; or universities with spring and fall enrollment.

Concerto can also offer its 4-hour DR SLA, flexible performance tiering, and data security as standard features in its cloud for no additional cost due to the extreme efficiencies of ONTAP Cloud. ONTAP Cloud's native deduplication and compression features have enabled the company to reduce its data requirements in AWS by 96%.



data reduction in AWS with ONTAP Cloud

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