Be The Match saves more lives with better data

NetApp storage and data management technology helps Be the Match advance research and cure twice as many people by increasing database performance and accelerating rollouts.

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NetApp helps the cause

Over the past 35 years, Be The Match has facilitated more than 111,000 bone marrow transplants that can treat more than 75 blood-related diseases. More than 455 medical providers throughout the world and 170 transplant centers in the United States provide these therapies to patients in need.

A bone marrow transplant must be harvested from a living donor with a genetic blood profile that matches that of the patient. Typically, only 30% of donors are related to the patient, requiring a match to come from outside the family.

In addition to facilitating matches, the organization also provides transplant research and is currently participating in more than 225 research projects. Be The Match also offers financial support for patients, advocacy, and education to advance their cause and increase participation in the registry.

Applications that must perform

The organization's IT infrastructure is built around two data centers, one on premises and a backup center 12 miles away. The storage infrastructure is approximately 1PB divided into thirds between SQL and Oracle databases and file systems. The VMware environment consists of hundreds of hypervisors and several thousand VMs.

The applications developed by Be The Match must integrate with hospital systems in wide use such as Epic, as well as more specific applications such as those used for research. Care facilities use a core application to log into and find potential matches. Diverse organizations around the world use the matching and research applications, which must perform well and be reliable.

At Be The Match, partners that can continually improve the infrastructure play an important role in delivering care. As the mission expands and technical challenges arise, NetApp is a constant presence.

About 10 years ago we chose NetApp as our partner to help rebuild our infrastructure. And we’re now able to cure almost twice as many people per year.

Mike McCullough, Chief Information Officer, Be The Match

NetApp storage improves donor-patient matches

NetApp data technologies power some of the world’s largest companies, but few are quite as important as Be The Match. The benefits of the technology are clear.

NetApp® technologies, including an A-Series AFF A700 array and ONTAP® and SnapCenter® software, are central to the organization’s data environment and have a direct impact on the number and quality of these matches.

More lives saved

Moving off of legacy systems and tape has significantly improved the performance of the databases and the applications, and the recovery window from backups has been reduced to under 15 minutes. Database administrators can self-manage and support faster development.

As Be The Match expands its goals, the infrastructure needs to expand as well. In an ongoing effort to modernize the infrastructure, the team is using NetApp technologies to reduce complexity, develop and deliver more services, and improve security.

DevOps supported by the data center services team are more efficient, and development teams can produce faster, more productive sprints. With NetApp at its data fabric core, a more complex environment is actually more nimble and responsive to business demands and can recover faster from any disruption.

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