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Optimize your data pipeline, accelerate your AI

Modern Data Lakes and Analytics Series

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AI success is a multi-faceted diamond. It requires starting with the right use case, assembling the right team with the right skills, and building the right infrastructure to support it all. But without fully understanding the critical role that data plays in this process, you’re overlooking the jewel at the heart of your AI innovation. Of course, data comes in many forms and fashions—it’s diverse, distributed, and dynamic, and it can be video, audio, images, logs, and more. It’s also increasingly cloud-streamed.

Join us for this informative session to learn how NetApp delivers industry-leading solutions that enable you to efficiently and intelligently streamline the flow of your data to deliver performance and scalability, and build and accelerate your integrated data pipelines for AI/ML.

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Key takeaways

Learn how NetApp can:

  • Accelerate and integrate your data pipelines for AI/ML.
  • Simplify data management for data scientists.
  • Help customers build AI pipelines that smooth the flow of data and deliver optimal results.
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Speaker bio by region

Meet the specialists ready to help simplify your data challenges. Expect to dive into real-world, industry-specific questions—they’re experts who love to talk shop. 


Raj Grewal
Principal Architect - AI/MLOps, Data Lakes, Splunk
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