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Unify cloud, IT, datacenter management, app management, and DevOps with Kubernetes

NetApp and Kubernetes Series

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We live in a world where thousands of applications and infrastructures must be hosted in hostile environments at the edge, regional datacenters, multiple cloud providers, and hundreds of other locations around the world. How do you guarantee those applications and developers will receive the distribution, lifecycle management, security, DR, encryption, backup, and other necessary services?

This seminar will explore the reasons behind Kubernetes' growing popularity as a universal technology that unifies IT, developers, datacenter management, and application management. Kubernetes accomplishes this by integrating self-automating infrastructure management, governance, legacy app management, and cloud management under a single platform. We'll delve into current trends in on premise and cloud architecture as well as examine how Kubernetes is driving the development of borderless, software-defined datacenters that extend across thousands of locations, devices, and clouds worldwide.

Six professionals at computers in modern office setting

Key takeaways

  • Kubernetes is more than just a container management system and can accelerate a customer’s automation of on-prem datacenters and the cloud alike.
  • Kubernetes is a technology that will touch both IT and DevOps because it is being invested in by major cloud providers and IT companies alike. 
  • Kubernetes can give customers a roadmap to unify on-prem digital assets and platforms with cloud assets and platforms. 
Six professionals at computers in modern office setting

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Bryan Wagoner

Global DevOps and Cloud Solutions Architect

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