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Reducing enterprise costs while increasing observability and business agility by adopting Kubernetes

NetApp and Kubernetes Series

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From controlling costs, to greater telemetry and observability of our workloads, Kubernetes gives us a whole new way to provide tools and platforms to data scientists and users in a more dynamic and cost-efficient way. Need a new AI or analytics platform and don't have the expertise in AI or analytics, no sweat with Kubernetes. Need an HPC cluster that spans cloud or can even make use of desktop compute when people aren't around, also easy for K8s. In this session, we'll talk about new ways of deploying compute intensive applications such as AI, analytics, HPC, or just regular enterprise apps in K8s while making cost efficiency and telemetry an automated feature of your infrastructure on prem or in the cloud using free and opensource tools.

Six professionals at computers in modern office setting

Key takeaways

  • Organizations should be able to focus on their workload’s performance and scalability vs monitoring K8s infrastructure and consumption by ensuring availability, automation and continuously optimizing costs. 
  • Organizations should monitor, troubleshoot, optimize, and secure their resources, unlocking the secrets hidden within trusted metrics obtained real time from their K8s environments and across their entire infrastructure. 
  • AI and DL enable enterprises to easily detect fraud, optimize supply chains, deliver innovative products and services in an increasingly competitive marketplace. 
  • Organizations should be simplifying, accelerating and integrating their data pipeline for AI/deep learning and thus streamlining data flow and speeding up analytics. 
Six professionals at computers in modern office setting

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Bryan Wagoner

Global DevOps and Cloud Solutions Architect

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Temi Sam

DevOps Solutions Architect

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