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Modernizing applications for business innovation with Kubernetes

NetApp and Kubernetes Series

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Application modernization is high on the list of priorities for most businesses. While there are many approaches and definitions to application modernization, most of them involve making use of containerized solutions and micro-services-based architectures to ensure the most efficient use of resources, whether in the cloud or on premises. The rise of Kubernetes has resulted in an explosion of new applications and democratized application development. Teams can quickly generate and release content to production faster than ever before, but Kubernetes data management can be complicated. From the developer workflow to the production environment, Kubernetes applications require coordinated data management practices to provide the integrity and consistency needed to maintain service up time. 

Activities around how to handle persistent storage provisioning has been a pain from day 1. How to quickly detect new enterprise application deployments on various Kubernetes clusters on prem or in cloud? How to protect the business-critical data that they are using? How to capture application configuration changes? And when necessary, how to safely migrate those application deployments to a different Kubernetes cluster? These are some of the new business challenges Kubernetes creates. 

Join us as we discuss the challenges that can be faced on the journey to application modernization and how NetApp solutions can help make for a smoother ride. 

Six professionals at computers in modern office setting

Key takeaways

  • Kubernetes helps to accelerate developer agility, drive business productivity and enhance IT operational efficiencies.
  • Organizations should seamlessly be able to:
    • Create application-aware data protection and mobility for stateful Kubernetes applications 
    • Automatically provision persistent storage 
    • Manage data protection operations at application level 
    • Automate policy-driven snapshot, backup and DR operations 
    • Migrate applications with data across Kubernetes clusters 
Six professionals at computers in modern office setting

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Temi Sam

DevOps Solutions Architect

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