What is Cloud Insights?

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Monitor, optimize, and secure your hybrid cloud infrastructure  like a pro

NetApp® Cloud Insights is easy to deploy and use. Map complex infrastructures and gain X-ray vision into the performance and utilization of multivendor hybrid cloud workloads. The truth is out there—discover it with Cloud Insights.

Feeling lost in the dark when it comes to visibility into your hybrid cloud?

Modern infrastructures typically include on-premises technology from a mix of vendors and rely on multiple cloud providers. But no matter where all your servers, VMs, and storage live, they all add up to one (potentially complex) hybrid cloud environment. The big takeaway? Your ability to see and understand the big picture and connect the dots between resources and issues is crucial to maintaining security, performance, and cost control.

Inefficiencies, wasted space, and idle resources are cloud-budget-eating zombies that commonly account for 35% of cloud spend.

The problem is that too many monitoring tools are vendor specific or lack key mapping or troubleshooting capabilities, leaving you with more blind spots than a mirrorless 18-wheeler in rush-hour traffic. Does this mean that multiple monitoring tools are the only answer in hybrid clouds? Only if you like wasting time.

Total hybrid cloud visibility, easier troubleshooting

Cloud Insights provides visibility into every corner of your hybrid cloud environment so that you can keep moving forward with confidence. Need an inventory of all on-premises and cloud resources and their interdependencies? You got it. Would real-time data visualization of infrastructure-wide availability, performance, and utilization be helpful for troubleshooting, keeping customers happy, and controlling costs? Enjoy the power of a unified view. Worried about setup time or challenges? Set it and forget it with easy-to-use, SaaS-based simplicity.

Even for administrators who eat complexity for breakfast, figuring out how one component impacts another in your hybrid infrastructure is a big ask. Fortunately, the machine learning that Cloud Insights employs is virtually insatiable. It automatically builds topologies to correlate metrics. And it constantly monitors for greedy or degraded resources and resource contention—all without “screaming” at you with unnecessary alerts, thanks to easy and precise customization.

  • Monitor. Find and fix problems faster.
  • Optimize. Manage resources more effectively and do more with less.
  • Secure. Detect ransomware and threats to IP before they impact your business.

Pinpoint and stop threats to your data

From holding your intellectual property hostage to stealing it outright, bad guys are out for your data. And regulators are waiting in the wings to levy steep fines for compliance missteps. Cloud Insights uses machine learning to analyze data access patterns and keep you a step ahead with:

  • Ransomware detection and response. Get early alerts with actionable intelligence. You can also tie alerts to Snapshot™ copies in NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP® for nearly instant remediation.
  • Data misuse and theft alerts. Instantly spot user-behavior weirdness related to key intellectual property and respond faster.
  • Usage audits. Ensure compliance and assess risk by auditing usage patterns of critical data wherever it resides.

Hybrid cloud visibility

What sounds better, a different monitoring tool for every resource, or a single tool that can see across all your on-premises and cloud-based infrastructure? Thought so. From the public cloud to the data center, Cloud Insights delivers full-stack visibility of infrastructure and applications from hundreds of collectors in one place. You get:

  • Comprehensive support for on- and off-premises devices paired with an API for ingestion from open collectors like Telegraf
  • Customizable metrics based on your strategic goals and needs
  • Free API access for Premium, Standard, and Basic Cloud Insights versions for existing NetApp customers

Easily monitor and fine tune Kubernetes

Think there are no good tools for dropping into Kubernetes clusters to find problems and inefficiencies? Think again. Cloud Insights provides simple views of clusters, making it easier to spot and fix issues.

  • Get topological with the ability to map persistent volume claims to the storage infrastructure.
  • Identify performance issues and resource constraints, whether they’re internal to the cluster or on the infrastructure supporting it.
  • Correlate pod or namespace performance metrics to back-end storage metrics for truly end-to-end visibility of your containerized applications.

Shine a spotlight on waste and bottlenecks

The thing about cloud is that it’s easy to deploy but hard to optimize. Especially when you consider the performance versus cost tradeoffs you have to make to meet the needs of your developers and operations teams. So how can you strike the right balance and avoid getting blindsided by unnecessarily high costs? Cloud Insights gives you a clear window into inefficiencies.   

  • Proactively identify issues, such as incorrectly tiered applications or VM over- or underutilization, to reduce waste and prevent bottlenecks.
  • Improve business unit and budget holder decision making through integrated business intelligence that lets you easily slice and dice the comprehensive infrastructure-wide metrics collected by Cloud Insights.
  • Optimize public cloud resources with detailed cost reporting.

Let dashboards do the dirty work

When you’re dealing with a complex hybrid infrastructure, different teams naturally have lots of questions. And many monitoring tools require specialized training or skills, even though monitoring complex environments isn’t just one or two people's jobs—it’s everyone’s. Although no monitoring tool can give you a single pane of glass, Cloud Insights customers find that it quickly becomes their favorite go-to tool. With SaaS-based Cloud Insights, there's no software to install and maintain, and virtually anyone can gain insights quickly thanks to an easy-to-use dashboard gallery.

  • Get quick answers to important questions, such as "Where can I reclaim AWS or Azure waste?"  "Where do I have ONTAP latency issues?" "Where are there opportunities to right-size my VMware clusters?" And much more.
  • Quickly and easily create new dashboards using an extensive set of visualization types and an intuitive dashboard creation interface.
  • Minimize noise with built-in filters and finders.

Customize alerts to escape informational noise

Alerts are great… when they’re relevant. Otherwise, they quickly become distracting informational "white noise." Make sure that the alerts people receive matter, with easy customization in Cloud Insights.

  • Stay focused on what matters with targeted, conditional alerts.
  • Choose the best delivery channel, including email, Slack, PagerDuty, and ServiceNow, based on internal workflows via open integration with third-party messaging and ticketing systems.
  • Meet SLOs and SLAs during and after your move to the cloud.

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